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The observation of fluorescence under water may be possible during the day in some rare cases such as corals and some anemones appearing red although they are located in depths where red has already been absorbed.
In order to observe the fluorescence in the best conditions, diving should be done at night.

The principle:
The fluorescent protein is excited using a special light, causing them to re-emit a fluorescent light. Since the fluorescence is weaker than the excitation light, the reflected exciting light should be filtered.
Two filters are required for this:
An exciting filter placed on the light source, whose function it is to filter out stray light, so as to not exceed the desired wavelength.

Then, a second filter is placed before the eyes of the observer, usually on the diving mask, or the lens of the camera.  
The result exceeds all expectations. We are accustomed to seeing objects around us through the light they reflect. In the case of fluorescence, the light comes from the objects themselves.

It’s absolutely magical. Imagine yourself in the dark, facing a luminous reef… An extraordinary feeling that must be experienced…

publié 25 janvier 2011 par Vince

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